Junior Kart Procedures

Minor Waiver – Must be signed by both parents/guardians

Tech inspection (Every event)

What will be checked: 

Steering wheel to hub bolts.
Steering hub to shaft bolt.
Steering shaft to chassis.
Tie Rod end bolts.
Kingpin bolts.
Spindle nut attaching front wheel.
Throttle pedal pivot to chassis.
Brake pedal pivot to chassis.
Master cylinder to chassis bolts.
Caliper(s) to chassis bolts.
Brake pad retaining rods (if applicable).
Brake rotor to hub (if applicable, no Nyloc® fasteners).

Brake operation

Throttle return

Helmets and safety gear

Driver’s gear

Drivers are responsible for wearing all required safety equipment: helmet, suit, neck brace, chest protector, gloves, and shoes.

all drivers 

All drivers 12 years old and under are required to wear an SFI Certified chest protector. 

Helmets must be closed face, and be Snell Certified 2005 or newer (2005, 2010, 2015) 

Driving Kart

Vehicle Orientation required for new drivers with JDP Steward prior to event start

Course walk required (twice if new driver W/JDP Steward)

Meeting with JDP Steward immediately when your run group starts.  
When the kart is on the ground, do not start the engine without the driver sitting in the seat.
Do not run the engine when the kart is on a stand without a person operating the pedals.  no Junior drivers within 3 feet of the rear wheels when kart is running on the stand. 
Do not drive karts through the paddock.

No tire warming of any kind.  
Junior Driver to shut off engine after each run. (not the parent or crew)