Covid Guidelines For Las Vegas Region Events:

Please Read Carefully!   Covid Guidelines For Las Vegas Region Events: 

  • Helmet Rentals are now available for $5.

  • Please try to keep a 6+ Foot Distance between others.

  • Ride-Alongs and co-driving are now ok. 

  • Masks must be worn at all times in grid unless in the car or with a closed faced helmet while in the grid area. Masks must be worn at the drivers meeting, or anytime large groups of people have to be gathered together.  Masks are not required on the course while working, or paddock area as long as social distancing is maintained.  

  • Pre-Registration ONLY. There will be NO on-site registration. 

  • NEW: Spectators are now allowed.  they must sign the wavers to get in, and must follow the same mask rules as the drivers do.  

There will be ZERO tolerance for violating any of the above rules. If found breaking them we will kindly ask you to leave the event.

We will have sanitizer stations available on site, please use them throughout the day.

If you feel unwell before the event and are registered, we will not charge you to cancel. Please stay home. Cancellation can be done through MotorsportReg or you can reach out the our registrar email listed on MotorsportReg.

For further reference for SCCA events during these times, Click Here 

TECH , Members At this coming event Tech will be as Quick and safe as we can make it, here's what I'm asking of you.

1 Drivers stay in your cars while in line waiting to be teched

2 When asked to be teched open hood and trunk for inspection then return to you driving seat.

3 Tech person will place a event sticker on you car. then go to your parking/ pit spot.

4 If you have an Annual Tech card just walk up as normal and wait till the tech person gets to you keep your distance from each other.

5 Remember your car should be in the state in which you are going to race it , numbers /class on doors, nothing inside car or trunk loose.

6 Members , ALL Rules must be followed to make this event and future events possible, please use masks when required, and try to stay 6 ft from each other, and just use common sense to make this event a fun time for all.

Announcement From National Headquarters

June 10, 2020

As of now, the National SCCA Office has announced that the Jr Kart program is on hold, due to a review and revisions of the rules and regulations pertaining to Jr Karts.  As soon as we (LVRSCCA) hear any new news, it will be posted here.  Read the whole press release from National here.  

Attention LVRSCCA members!

Effective June 1st, 2017

In our continued efforts to make your membership card pay more dividends, we have now partnered with Gummy Grip! 

All SCCA hard card holders (no paper proof of membership), with a current membership (not expired), showing Las Vegas as their home region, will receive a 10% discount on their purchase of IN STOCK items and a 5% discount on tires in stock. 

(No discounts allowed on special order items). 

Visit Matt Lewison at Gummy Grip and take advantage of these great offers. 
5081 Arville St. 
Las Vegas, 89118

Performance Parts

Effective May 1st, 2017

The Las Vegas Region SCCA is proud to announce our new partnership with Pole Position Raceway. 

Your SCCA membership card now gives you automatic membership for Pole Position Raceway and member pricing Fri-Sun. 

Weekdays - Mon-Thu, SCCA members get $15 races. That's anytime, any quantity, both locations in Las Vegas. 

*NOT to be combined with any other Pole Position Raceway offers and promotions. SCCA membership must be current as per the expiration date printed on the member's card. No temporary, or paper printed proof of membership allowed.  Region displayed on card must be the Las Vegas Region only. Hard cards only.

Thank you to Pole Position Raceway and their partners.